How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life


Mary Rodwell
FREE Co-Founder & Board of Director

Principal, Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, ACERN

"In my opinion this book will become the bible of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon"
Forward by Dr. Roger Leir

First published in the U.K. by Beyond Publications, Fortune Books 2002.
Re-published by Avatar Publications 2005
Revised and Re-published by New Mind Publishers 2010
Copyright © Mary Rodwell
New Mind Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-9807555-0-3

Many people around the world, from all walks of life, believe themselves to be in regular contact with beings from outer-space. Mary Rodwell, trained nurse, midwife and therapist works with individuals said to be having these remarkable experiences. She claims they are not products of over-active imaginations, quite the opposite; they are real and happening to normal, healthy people. Some people are aware of it, but many are completely in the dark, as ET encounters occur in numerous ways.

The process of waking up to this multidimensional reality is not always easy, but the results are positively life changing, such as spiritual transformation and expanded awareness. Are you ready to ask: Am I experiencing Alien contact? Take the first step, let this book help you find out for yourself!

Ms Mary Rodwell, ACERN, Australian Close Encounter Resource Network
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CHAPTER 1: Contact, Is This Real? 28
David's Letter 30

CHAPTER 2: Are You Having Contact Experiences 40
The Questionnaire, Am I Having Contact? 45

CHAPTER 3: Am I Crazy, or Am I Having Contact? 52

CHAPTER 4: Now I Know I'm Not Crazy 68

CHAPTER 5: In The Fear Place 80

CHAPTER 6: Who Can I Trust to Help Me? 98

CHAPTER 7: Support Groups, The Experiencer,
Supporting The Experiencer 110

CHAPTER 8: Tracey Taylors Personal Story Of Contact 118

CHAPTER 9: Star Children, 'Homo Noeticus',
The New Humans 138

CHAPTER 10: The Missing Pregnancy Syndrome 168

CHAPTER 11: Implants, What Are They and
How Do I Know If I Have One? 184

CHAPTER 12: High Sense Abilities –
The Fruits of ET Contact 202

CHAPTER 13: From Isolation to Support 220

CHAPTER 14: Expressions of ET Reality,
Awakening To Our Multidimensional Selves 224

CHAPTER 15: A Holistic Approach to Therapy and
Support For Contact Experiences 246

CHAPTER 16: The ET Elephant 264

The Alien Lady 272

Addendum 278

Acknowledgements 294

Author Notes 297

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Do you have experiences that you cannot explain? Contact with non- human 'extraterrestrial beings' is such a bizarre and surreal event that many people experiencing it quite naturally think that they must be going crazy! Because most people believe this experience is nothing more than an 'X- Files' fantasy, they cannot accept that their experiences might be real. What's more, unlike the popular X-Files stories, many have found that instead of the truth being 'out there', the truth is in fact within them and this realization can be far stranger than fiction. Contact reality is such a phenomenon. Over the past couple of years I have come to believe that lots of people are experiencing Contact, however most of them don't know it and the vast majority probably never will.

The Contact experiences are both extraordinary and highly personal as this book will show. It begs a pertinent question: How many people have actually had these experiences? At my last count well over 1600. We have no way of knowing, but this could well be the tip of the iceberg because through experience, I have found that most people won't talk about it because they are afraid people will think they're crazy. In recent years however, there have been numerous books about ET Contact written by courageous experiencers who have felt compelled to tell all. By far, the majority of these people are very credible, honest individuals, from all professions and walks of life and there is one thing that they all agree on - the simple fact that they didn't want, nor need this scenario to be real! Many of these experiencers did not believe in UFOs beforehand and the prospect of extraterrestrial life had not crossed their minds. It was their encounters with alien life forms that ultimately forced them to own up to what they experienced, to face up to their reality despite the uncomfortable reactions they would undoubtedly receive from their close friends and family.

I have since found that experiencers can be driven by a fierce determination to understand what is it that's happened to them, giving them the courage to explore it more and 'own' their reality. Many have had to challenge everything they believed in before they could begin and for some, their experiences make the most far-fetched sci-fi feature look tame in comparison. A person who is experiencing Contact with what is deemed to be extraterrestrial, non-human life is forced to push their fear to the farthest limits as they gain new awareness of themselves and their reality. Whether the experiences themselves have been traumatic, or of the more 'subtle kind', the ultimate effects are usually the same - that Contact is a trigger for change. What their stories ultimately reveal is that irrespective of the nature of their encounters (e.g. bright lights, strange beings, or a visit to a space ship), Contact is a catalyst, awakening the individual to a multi-dimensional awareness, showing them new human potential that is absolutely extraordinary.

This book is intended to act as your guide and will take you through the process of 'awakening' to Contact. Whether you believe YOU are having Contact yourself, or not, we will explore together the process of waking up to this reality, providing you with information and resources that will help you with your own journey. There are pointers from time to time, to help guide you. You will be able to find out for yourself and . . . face your own fears, the fear for your sanity, the fear of being judged, the fear of being different and of finding out who you are, or 'what' you think you are! Most importantly, there is the fear of fear itself. As you read on you will be asked many questions, which you may ask yourself out of mild curiosity or a more distinct 'need to know'. You will find out whether you are able to trust yourself and, using your own 'inner knowing' explore your new and exciting expanded awareness through your experiences. As you learn to trust yourself you will be guided towards a deeper understanding, which will help you to find the answers you seek. Reading this book will help you assess your personal reality. Is this awakening process meant for a small few or is it more than that? Could it be humanity's 'wake-up call' and if it is, what could that mean?

The stories in this book are true accounts shared by a brave few. They are meant to illustrate how Contact changes people, not only in their personal awareness, but inspirationally, providing new abilities in fascinating ways as lives are transformed. These stories are written by 'ordinary' people from all walks of life as the Contact phenomenon appears not to discriminate. We are all susceptible to it! With this sharing process you are able to find out where you are on your own journey, as you ask yourself the question: "Am I having multi-dimensional experiences?" In other words, are you in Contact with extraterrestrial, non-human beings? As you ask yourself that question I would expect from most of you a quick 'knee-jerk' answer, either "yes", or "no", one way or the other. My question to you therefore would be: 'So how do you know?"

Contact experiences with non-human extraterrestrial beings are most commonly called 'abduction' or 'encounter' experiences and the person in question is usually referred to as an 'abductee'. I prefer to use the term 'experiencer' here as it has less emotional baggage and is a more appropriate definition in my mind. 'Experience' is exactly what these individuals are having, unlike the term 'abduction', which automatically has a negative connotation - 'experiencer' carries no judgment of the experience itself. It is also true to say that many who undergo Contact experience do not believe they have been abducted at all, but believe that they have consented to it on some level.
I've included in this book information on both the 'classic abduction' scenarios and the less publicized subtle forms of Contact. My research suggests that the classic forms of Contact published in the popular media reflect only a small percentage of those who have had Contact experiences. More recently I have formed the conclusion that greater numbers of people may well have had a more gentle and subtle form of Contact and because these experiences are not as confronting or traumatic, they are less known about. Even though we have little information about this at the moment, I feel that in time it may well prove to be that the 'classic' abduction cases are just the tip of the iceberg and that there is a far greater number of people who are having Contact experiences of the more 'subtle kind'.

Even though the more subtle forms of Contact are less traumatic than the classic Contact experience, people having them can live in fear and confusion through lack of understanding. All such experiences are accompanied by a sense of isolation and alienation from society and even close friends. This more subtle form can incorporate some of the classic signs, but more often it manifests as a strong feeling or an awareness of being very different to everyone else, even siblings and parents. This is often accompanied by a profound sense of isolation, or feelings of 'not belonging', as if it's a struggle to exist in this earth environment. Dare I say it; life can feel almost alien to them! They are aware of having a kind of 'spontaneous knowledge' and that they possess certain unusual abilities, but also feel unable to share this with others. They are afraid even, because if they 'come clean' it might make them unacceptable within their family unit, friends, or society in general. Because many people in this situation do not understand these feelings it can often create a deep sense of loneliness inside, as well as feelings of isolation. These 'perceptions' can make them feel as if they are from another planet, something many struggle to cope with as 'human' society and its materialistic focus will suddenly appear very gross and violent. There is often extreme sadness felt with regards to the ways in which our societies harm and destroy our planet and watching any living creature fall prey causes profound upset and distress.

This heightened sensitivity will only increase this sense of isolation and as a result, many are drawn to the creative, 'alternative' and complementary fields of work. Heightened senses are something used in the psychic fields as well, such as 'energy' work and healing. But most people don't immediately connect the two, namely the reason why they may be different is because of their Contact experience.

Contact can explain these feelings as the experiencer is opened up to their own multi-reality. The awareness of Contact can become a catalyst in understanding themselves as their experiences cause them to question all they have ever known, been conditioned to believe in, or been taught about. It can cause a great paradigm shift within, should they decide to honor these experiences and embrace this expanded reality, creating a 'reality' that ultimately makes far more sense. It can resonate on some deep 'inner' level as they begin to put the confused jigsaw pieces of their life together.

As more information is gained, they can move from the isolation they have felt and realize that they are not alone with this and that there are many 'others' out there who feel the same way. This knowledge of their expanded reality encourages them to seek more understanding and through their 'awakening' and increased awareness they can explore who and what they are. But before they do this they have to honor their expanded reality and be prepared to challenge their previous, limiting mind-sets. To explore the reality of the experience from all levels of human understanding means that they first of all need to convince themselves that what they are actually experiencing is real and that they are not crazy after all!

So what makes Contact real? For anyone seriously interested, there is an enormous amount of 'nuts and bolts' scientific evidence available regarding the reality of unidentified flying crafts in our skies (UFOs) and there are daily sightings all over the world by 'normal' and credible people. There are thousands of people who have conscious memories of interacting with many diverse kinds of non-human beings and should anyone wish to intelligently and open-mindedly explore this overwhelming evidence, they will quickly discover that the answers speak for themselves. In fact, with the quantity and quality of material available it is hard to understand why it is still such a topic of ridicule in many circles. The public has been encouraged to remain in ignorance, with governments around the world going to great lengths over the years to keep the whole subject under wraps. Without wishing to delve into the purported cover-ups regarding Contact phenomena and UFOs, it is my belief that Contact reality has been successfully hidden from most of society for a number of obvious reasons and this has been successfully implemented, through a smoke screen of disinformation and ridicule.

So the reality of unexplained craft in our skies, mysterious landings and mass sightings, despite large, credible quantities of photographic and video evidence, is still treated by a huge portion of society as being nothing more than amusing fantasy. It is this deliberate and subtle innuendo that has promoted the belief that, if you are to accept the reality of this extraordinary phenomena you have to be either (a) very gullible, (b) living in a dream- world, or (c) borderline crazy! But for those out there, who are drawn to the subject and start to treat it seriously, the evidence is there and it is highly convincing. Many credible researchers and scientist who come into the field of Ufology are initially very skeptical. Once in it though, they discover that the evidence for its reality is overwhelming and cannot be ignored.

There is a theory that is contrary to popular belief, which states that those individuals, who are most skeptical about this reality, are in fact experiencers themselves. Many of those who have had Contact will tell you that they had no previous beliefs in the extraterrestrial hypotheses until it personally affected them. In fact, many Contactees have been known to become more and more skeptical about their experiences as they dig deeper and question their sanity. Because of their need to prove they are not crazy, their research becomes far more analytical, thorough and focused.

Researchers and therapists who become involved in this controversial topic, personally or professionally, undergo the same analytical process. Budd Hopkins (author of "Missing Time") a UFO researcher said that he was far more skeptical than the most skeptic of skeptics! It must be said that society is just as cruel to those that believe in the reality of Contact with non-human beings as to those who say they experience it firsthand. Furthermore, it can be professional suicide to even talk about such phenomena and should you challenge popular mindsets you are setting yourself up for a rough ride! So to compensate for this you have to ask yourself the same questions the experiencers do - and then some more. After all, what sensible person would want to mislead themselves about this, let alone others?

And so I was exposed to this reality. Not because I consciously sought it, but because it literally came knocking on my front door. The individual who introduced me to the concept of Contact Phenomena had nowhere else to go. He was brave enough to speak to a friend about it, and then he approached me because he had heard I was open minded. He was brave enough to entrust me with his extraordinary life experiences that were terribly confusing for him and most certainly frightening. What's more, he was scared for his family.
At the time I would only offer a respectful listening ear, my personal philosophy being you don't know what you don't know. But I was left with no doubt in my mind that he was speaking his truth, that these experiences were very real for him.

Also at this time, I was working on an advanced counseling diploma, so I took his case to supervision hoping for more help and information - and of course, some answers. Much to my surprise, neither the supervisor, nor course participants could offer any, although interestingly, they did not suggest that my client was mentally ill. I had read a few books on the subject a couple of years previously, due to my innate curiosity and the dearth of traditional, psychological explanations aroused my determination for 'finding out'. So this was my catalyst for exploring the mystery.

It is still very surprising to me how much 'hard' evidence we personally need to have, before we can accept the possibility that there may be more to life than what we are consciously aware of. We are made up of old patterns and beliefs and Oh, how strongly we cling to what we 'think' we know. Even the experiencer, who has experiential proof, either with physical marks and scars on the body or the fierce arousal of unexplained emotions, will continually question. But we are also programmed into 'traditionally defined' reality mindsets, which are so incredibly powerful, that we would prefer to deny all that we see and experience rather than question our beliefs, even if they may be too limited, or faulty. Contact is an experience that challenges our mindset of reality in many ways and it presses all those 'reality buttons'. But some experiences become so tantalizing they become too hard to dismiss. This kind of Contact is a loud and alarming 'wake-up call' and we just cannot ignore the drama of it.

A classic form of Contact, one that is easily recognized by many, is called 'The Night Visitor' . . . "A humming sound, your body stiffens, paralyzed, a creeping dread . . . panic . . . as your eyes carefully scan the room while your heart pounds. You want to call out but can make no sound and it becomes the inner scream No, not again! You have no control as you hear the familiar low buzzing sound . . . something is about to happen. Now you sense rather than see the bizarre shadows, feeling a presence close by, something, someone is close. Suffocating, misty shapes . . . strange, elusive, they edge closer. Panic fills you and your mind screams . . . your worst nightmare unfolds once again . . . please . . . PLEASE, don't touch me! And then the deep knowing . . .this has been happening all my life!"

Julia has experienced this form of Contact many times. "Phew!" she said, "the first bit sounds like an excerpt from 'Psycho'. Yes, yes, I know, my experience was Psycho! I had no idea what was going on with me, but whatever it was, it never left me and I was literally terrified witless on a regular basis, all my life. So that by the age of 40 I used to put it into the too hard to deal with basket and get on with life. I felt I had phenomena tattooed on my forehead! Things happened to me, like audio tapes playing back to front, I had earth disaster dreams, sleeping problems, eating disorders, strange rashes, violent nose bleeds, anxiety. I woke up with my night clothes on back to front or inside out, this constant presence would sit on my bed at night, or tap me on the shoulder. There were footsteps in the house, walking up the path and they'd call my name. The paralysis and strange smells. My animals would behave strangely, electric lights would flicker, flash. The old weatherboard house I lived in literally shook so violently sometimes I thought it would collapse. There were strange events with black dogs, it was an endless saga of the unexplainable and I had nowhere to put this all mentally! People around me also saw these things going on, so I had proof, but I couldn't put it down to a night visitor because I never knew what would happen next.

"I went to psychic development classes, I thought that would sort it out. Nope! But I learned to distinguish what was what and it gave me an interest in healing. It let the floodgates open for manifestations beyond my wildest nightmares and then I knew it was ET. And now my world collapses a thousand times plus - in the realization and the fact that this was what I had been dealing with, alone, all my life.

"Then when I met my partner something began to stir again, more phenomena this time, but now we were both in it. He was having his own individual experiences on his way to work and in the house. It was beyond our ability to deal with it without help. Even the neighbors saw a UFO while driving in their car, they were amazed. It's all around us Mary; people just don't know it, that's all. What I'm trying to say is, you are going to have to give people other scenarios, not just the commonly known ones, but the ones that will make people think!"

Julia, with all her physical evidence, still struggled to believe that her experiences were happening even though they were so incredible for her and very real. So how much harder must it be for the experiencer that has a more gentle and subtle form of Contact? There may be little bits of quantifiable data that will manifest here and there in different ways, through feelings for example, or through the desire to vocalize strange languages, or perhaps with the production of symbolism in the form of sketches or artwork. The majority of people who have experiences like this are not traumatized by them, but they can still feel very isolated and confused. However, the outcome for all forms of Contact is unanimous; these experiences all create major life changes within the person affected.

Initially, I only focused on individuals with 'classic' Contact experiences. But as I researched, I found several individuals to have some (but not all) of the aspects of the classic form and then others who had many different, more subtle indicators. All of them nevertheless, still suggested that Contact had been taking place, so slowly, I expanded the criteria. As I did this, the number of people who felt they were having some form of Contact grew and I began to conclude from this point that the phenomena affected far more people than I had initially thought, or that had been proposed (by researchers such as Dr. John Mack). However, whatever the form of Contact, it still created confusion and isolation within the individuals, creating a desperate need for them to understand their experiences.
I am a therapist and as more and more clients came to see me I began to research the reality of this human experience. I started with the initial 'nuts and bolts' approach, collating physical and tangible data and then moved into more serious investigation. When I discovered the possibility of the different kinds of Contact (i.e. that which had little, 'tangible' data), this created a new challenge for me. How can we prove the reality of such experiences? It is a similar challenge to those who have researched other 'non-physical', human experiences, such as astral travel, or out-of body experiences. You begin to collate how the individual data matches with each person and look at the changes such an experience will make within the individual and you see if there are any patterns developing that suggest the same reality exists for all of them. Intangible as this may be to some, I did find that the evidence for this reality was not just in the experience itself, it was in how this experience changed their abilities and perceptions from that point on. This was most intriguing for me. Contact may not offer the scientific, 'concrete' data we would all prefer to have, but proof of this experience is in the face, mind and emotions of those who are in it.

How do we challenge our mindset of reality?

The experience we call 'Contact', despite its multitude of facets and tangible and non-tangible expressions, challenges all that we believe in and questions that which make our reality. It is no wonder most individuals who experience it are forced to contest what is real! Even the Contact experience, with the tangible 'physical' evidence will demonstrate how limited our present understanding of reality is.

Two thousand years ago, a well-known spiritual teacher may have suggested the possibility of such an expanded multi-reality when he said: "In my house there are many mansions" (Jesus of Nazareth). So what are the many mansions this special, gentle and holy man spoke about? Naturally the interpretation of this statement reflects the beliefs of the individual, but for me I would say that Jesus was a man who was certainly more multi-dimensionally aware than most others. Interestingly, he demonstrated many of the transformative abilities those in Contact manifest, such as healing and spiritual awareness - and of course he experienced the expanded realities of the many spiritual masters we venerate today.

The spiritual masters have already challenged our third-dimensional mindset in the guise of religion. Some have manifested extraordinary behavior, which has not been explained by modern science, even yet. For some, this belief is a matter of truth and this may be correct. Perhaps though, it's not faith so much as a deeper understanding of how our beliefs about our reality do limit us. The so-called 'primitive' tribal cultures have no difficulty accepting this multi-reality and some of their experiences certainly echo Contact experiences. They talk of 'sky beings', 'chariots in the skies' and how 'gods' have visited them for centuries and taught them new things. They do not see these experiences as being mental aberrations, on the contrary, they are honored and 'assumed' by a respected senior person within the tribe, someone who would demonstrate the abilities of the Shaman. Knowledge of Contact experiences with 'beings from the stars' are ensconced in tribal culture, from Africa to North and South America, across to the Aborigines of Australia. They believe that their ancestors came from the stars and some show amazing and detailed knowledge of the galaxy and constellations. These people have no access to powerful telescopes from which most of our knowledge about the galaxy is gained. So this in itself is

quite a mystery, unless what they are telling us is true and the fact is, their understanding does come from our galactic visitors after all.

For those interested in the 'mystical', there is research which suggests that Contact experience could be interpreted as a 'partly shamanic' kind of experience. For, like Shamanism, individuals develop amazing gifts, heightened awareness, healing abilities, telepathic abilities and changes in perception within awareness of information and knowledge that is not consciously learned.

Simon Harvey-Wilson, ufologist and MUFON Researcher (Mutual UFO Network) thesis: "Shamanism and Alien Abductions, A Comparative Study, Dec 2000". Within this paper he demonstrates many amazing parallels between the Shamanistic and Abduction/Contact phenomena. So it appears that there is a possibility that various cultures experience Contact, but they come in different guises. It draws more on the interpretation of the experience; for example, one person may see an angel, another maybe a demon, or perhaps a spirit guide, or even a departed, lost soul. It would seem that so-called 'modern man' has his primitive fears triggered by this unseen world because he has been programmed always to question what his senses are showing him and if he has no answers immediately on hand, then he believes that it's not real!

Modern man's obsession with science has meant that we have learned to dismiss any personal experiences that cannot be explained scientifically, even though (I believe) most of us have them. We are often ashamed to admit to having unusual experiences and relegate them into a private, inner world, believing that if science can't explain them, then they must be suspect. Meanwhile, our experiences will come to us unbidden and tantalize us, as we struggle to understand what they mean. They will nag at us and force us to question, but if we question too deeply then we might open our 'can of worms'. The fear is that once you question one aspect of your reality it ultimately causes you to question everything. Scary stuff, but what's the alternative? Should we decide to believe in our experiences then this could prompt even scarier thoughts, perhaps we are crazy after all?

But whether we like this challenge to our reality or not, it exists nevertheless and it is an experience that is global, affecting people of all ages, from the toddler to the grandparent. Its tangibility is in a form which can leave physical marks and scars and sometimes 'implanted' solid objects. It is an experience that can be shared by more than one person at the same time and it presents itself in all cultures, irrespective of religious orientation and scientific beliefs. It can leave emotional and psychological scars on the psyche, but it can also create transformative outcomes.

Psychiatrist, Professor Dr. John Mack (author of "Abduction" and "Passport to the Cosmos") stated: "The Abduction/Contact phenomena challenges the sacred barrier we have created between the unseen and material world. It undermines the fundamental world view of the Western mind." He continues: "In this culture there may be a very small group of scientific, governmental, religious and corporate elite that determine the prevailing bounds of reality. People know their experiences and what they have undergone does not fit with the prevailing mechanistic worldview.
Large percentages of people seem to know there is an unseen world, or hidden dimensions of reality."

Modern man will continually struggle to fit the multidimensional reality it experiences into the third dimensional, conventional one. When it doesn't fit, he will deny and ignore it. It is this denial which causes the conflict and trauma to our psyche and which creates our confusion as we continually question what is real. So how can we integrate, or at least understand our experiences, whilst our beliefs are still rooted in this present 'limited' one? Our confused psyche tries to enforce a paradigm that does not fit with our perceptions. Professor Dr. John Mack also says: "People know their experiences." I agree with him, I believe that they do and what's more, they want to understand them. Feeling trapped and confused, they go to seek help from the very people who are promoting these limited beliefs. We are all taught to believe that if we have faulty perceptions this is down to our own 'reality' programming. So how do professionals help with this confusion?

Often by suggesting one should limit their experiences through medication. Medication, which can further trap the individual into the denial of their experience and keeps them bound to the limited reality they have been conditioned to believe they should stay in. Of course this action will not stop the experiences; it will just limit the effects. Meanwhile, the deeper part of the psyche will continue to question as it tries to marry these experiences up to accepted reality. But if we are to become paradigm healthy, then we have to acknowledge that our present understanding is very limited and we should first re-evaluate what is reality. To begin this, we must honor our personal experiences because this is the best way of understanding what our reality really consists of.

The non-physical reality expresses itself in many ways, consciously and unconsciously, through scientific remote viewing and out of body experiences. Multi-reality is expressed by precognition, (i.e. the ability to see future events). Those who are able to see energy and heal with it, access multi-reality and some access this reality by seeing spirits that are invisible to others. Could these experiences be the psyche giving us major clues to our multi-dimensional nature?

Contact consciously opens us up to our multi-reality and in doing so it can create a 'reality crisis'. These extraterrestrial beings tap into our reality space and demonstrate multi-reality as they work with us, within it, travelling through space, time and sometimes solid matter. They continually stretch our reality paradigms and force us to take a 'quantum leap' into the unknown of our own psyche. Human nature wants to understand, despite the conflict of a longing to 'file' the bizarre in a deep hole somewhere within and forget the whole thing! But often these bizarre events are evidence that something incredible and strange is occurring. The awakening of healing abilities, telepathy and clairvoyance can all suddenly manifest after Contact experience. This is information and knowledge that the person has not consciously learned.

Many are able to effortlessly produce symbols, drawings and scripts, without any conscious thought, whereby it is almost 'automatic'. There are individuals who change from destructive life-time habits, such as drug abuse, to becoming ecologically minded, non-materialistic and more spiritually orientated. But getting there is quite a journey and most of us appreciate a helping hand as we explore our human experiences. So if this experience is real (and from whatever point in 'quantum reality' it stems), then we have to honor it. And the trauma resulting from such Contact experiences is another validation of its reality.

Frankly, it is honest to say that until we do acknowledge it, we may never know how many lives it has affected, from dysfunctional relationships to phobias, anxiety attacks and sexual abuse. Notwithstanding, there are other causes for dysfunction and I am not suggesting that therapists or society should rule them out, but in addition they should accept that the Contact phenomena can also be either a contributing factor or a root cause in some cases.
To provide a helping hand where necessary, means helping to access information conscious or otherwise by using a deeper and more holistic model of therapy. We need to provide resources that honor the 'inner awareness' of the individual and give them the tools they can use that will enable them to empower themselves. By doing so, we are also creating useful markers for those in the process of integration, which will help validate their expanded reality.

Finally, we can offer emotional support through meeting others and the sharing of experiences. This is why we founded ACERN (The Australian Close Encounter Resource Network).

ACERN became official in 1997 and in just over 14years have resourced over 1600 individuals. I wanted to highlight a professional attitude and honor all 'anomalous' experiences. It's an area that is generally considered to only house the 'weird and wonderful' and it has always been my view that until the image of Contact is changed significantly, professionals will be reluctant to get involved.

Aiming for professional credibility was a challenge, but I was joined by Elle, a therapist with a degree in social work and psychology counseling. As a colleague and friend, she has also experienced the Contact phenomena herself, so she joined me in this endeavour and together we have strived to offer credible support to those people in need. Despite the fact that Contact challenges her professional and personal credibility, Elle courageously wrote about her own experiences and I include several references to her story throughout the following chapters. She also became a professional healer, she 'walked her walk' so to speak, believing as I do, that these experiences have such huge implications for humanity that the phenomenon must be exposed in some way, so that public awareness is raised and we can reach those who are suffering in isolation and fear.

Through the umbrella of ACERN, people from overseas came to me for help. I began to realize that many people are trapped through their lack of awareness and many don't have a clue with regards to what their experiences may be. So the only way to reach some of them, at least, was by writing a book such as this. Many of the chapters that follow almost wrote themselves. Often, as I explored a topic, I would receive a telephone call, or a new client would find me and offer up the data and information that I needed. It was through their generosity of spirit and openness that I am able to give you a small part of the whole.
As stated, this book is intended to be a guide for you, to offer you a gentle helping hand and take you through the process of awakening. It asks many questions, explores some incredible hypotheses, but ultimately you will be left to decide for yourself and make up your own mind. But before you take this journey you must know that there is no going back and the answers may confound and wake you up to a reality that is truly beyond your wildest dreams. However, it may well be the reality that resonates perfectly within your soul!

This book is full of information and resources to help you decide if you are experiencing a form of Contact. It is written as a practical based resource, and with the belief that we all have within us the understanding and answers to our world and experiences. I honor all beliefs and human experience and it is my hope to incite more public debate and openness to the Contact possibility; because if it is a reality, it would have vast implications for humanity as a whole. That is something I for one, cannot ignore.